Business Laws
Business Laws

The Companies Act 2013 substituting the earlier Companies Act, 1956 has introduced new and more stringent provisions. Contravention of any of the provisions invites stiff penalties. We assist you in navigating the maze of legal provisions to remain on the right side of the law.

Capture the business potential of INDIA, the Second largest emerging economy in the world featured in the Goldman Sachs ‘BRICS’ Report.

We assist you to Incorporate or setup a Branch or Liaison Office of your Company or Limited Liability Partnership in India at competitive Fees. Our service package:

                  1)        Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnership Incorporation

                  2)        Digital Signature Certificates Class 2 / Class 3 for Directors / Designated Partners / Tender participant

                  3)        Corporate Statutory Records / Registers maintenance etc.

                  4)        Company / LLP Law compliance

                  5)        Service Tax Compliance

                  6)        eFiling individuals IT, Companies / LLPs / Service Tax (ST3), statutory returns etc.



  • Name search & blocking,

  • Drafting Memorandum & Articles of Association by specialist Company Secretary & Attorney 

  • Printing Share Certificates

  • Mandatory Registers, Referencer

  • e-Filing with Registrar of Companies

  • Registration with Income Tax, Central Excise & Service Tax, Sales Tax, Municipal authorities

  • Opening Bank Deposit Account.



  • Registration with Reserve Bank of India, Govt. of India etc. where ever needed at extra fees.

  • Maintenance of Statutory Registers

  • Regular e-Filing of compliance related Reports with MCA / ROC, Service Tax Compliance & other statutory authorities.


Under MCA21 e-Governance programme Limited Companies and Limited Liability Companies / Partnerships are required to use Digital Signature Certificates issued by an approved Digital Signature Certificates issuer for compliance related eFiling on the portal of the Ministry of  Company Affairs / Registrar of Companies and other Statutory bodies. ‘nCode Solutions’ CA is appointed by Controller of Certification Agencies (CCA) under the provisions of IT Act, 2000 to issue Digital Signature Certificates.

USB Token
USB Token

‘nCode Solutions’ CA offers through us a simple and speedy procedure for securing ‘Digital Signature Certificates’ at very competitive charges. We provide ‘nCode Solutions’ Class 2 & 3 Digital Signature Certificates. For the latest tariff email us with the required quantity of Certificates and tokens, Class and period of validity.